Auntie Nita Shares Story Of Police Not Protecting Her From A Stalker

Anita Baker, who most affectionately call Auntie Nita shared her experiences with the police when she called them for assistance years ago.

Baker offered up her experience with two white dudes who stalked her one summer. She shared that for three days, the white men followed her from her hotel to the performance venues demanding that she sign album covers for them. The two men said they loved her but Baker said, “That’s Not love. Stalking is a crime. #Boundaries #Strangers.” The stalking lead to one of the men attempting to enter her home.

In an effort to ensure she was protected, Auntie Nita tried to obtain a concealed weapons permit. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get the license.

Not only was the man not charged. In response to Anita looking for help and answers from another source, the police gave Auntie a ticket.

Baker said this happened years ago, “But, the query is the same?… Who can you call when those designated to help you, actually abuse you?”

In another tweet, she said, “Everyone has a story re: the system and how it fails the same demographic, over and over. No one is immune. Things happen to us all…Question is #WhoYaGonCall?”

Someone asked Auntie Nita if a stalker actually had to make physical contact with someone before they could press charges.

A Twitter user wrote, “I’ve heard multiple times that law enforcement can’t do anything about a stalker until they actually touch you. That’s crazy.”

Anita said, “Not. True. You just have to have proof: of them stealing/manipulating you mail, cell phone pics f that “same person”…everywhere you go. I had proof. 1 was arrested. Charged. Prosecuted. #GodIsAble.”

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