Florida Lawmakers File Bills To Legalize And Tax Recreational Marijuana

Two Florida lawmakers have filed bills that would legalize recreational marijuana if passed.

State representatives Michael Grieco, D-Miami Beach-North Bay Village, and Carlos Guillermo Smith, D-Orlando, introduced House Bills 1117 and 1119, Tuesday.

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HB 1117 would allow people who are 21 years old or older to “engage in certain activities involving personal use of marijuana in limited amounts.”

The bill would allow for businesses to receive licenses to manufacture and sell marijuana products and accessories.

HB 1119 would allow for the taxation of recreational marijuana. For a time, a portion of the revenue collected from the taxes would be used to fund grants for the purpose of producing peer-reviewed research on marijuana’s beneficial uses and safety

Under HB 1117, people who smoke marijuana in public would be subjected to a fine of $100.

To read HB 1117, click here. To read HB 119, click here

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