#HERStory: Bernadette Armstrong

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

The woman who helped GIVE ME LIFE, My Mother, Bernadette Armstrong. As emotional as I can get when it comes to my Mom, I'm so glad to say I've found strength in the love we shared and that's honestly one of the only things that keep me going! Miss her deeply! It was a no brainer that she'd be our first honoree, simply because without her there would be NO ME! Love and Miss you, Queen! We honor you today, just as we do everybody!

My Mother was employed as an educator and after-school counselor for more than 20 years for the School Board of Broward County, to this day, former students still reach out to express their love and memories of the Wonder Woman they knew as "Ms. Armstrong".

Sadly, I loss such a sweet soul to Sarcoma Cancer in 2010 and I've been on a stable, but emotional rollercoaster since! There were times I couldn't think of her, write or name or share a memory of her without crying.

God's grace and timing is SUFFICIENT! I'll say this and get on out the way, because I feel my heart heaving up and eyes watering, smh... but throughout her short time on earth, she taught me ALL I KNOW about being a MAN, using common sense, respecting my elders, no matter how old I get and most importantly HOW TO LIVE in LOVE!

I'll be forever grateful for The Lord choosing Bernadette Armstrong-Edwards as My Queen, My Heart and Mother!

Mommy, I salute and celebrate you, not only during Wome's History Month, but 24/7... 360 five! xo

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