#HERStory: Giselle Andres

Giselle Andres is a Miami girl, and I believe there’s no place that could have prepared me better for this journey. I’ve lived in Hialeah, Miramar, Weston, and Doral. I speak English most of the time. Then I forget how to say a word in English, and it comes out in Spanish. I have good intentions, I promise.

In my Mom’s house, a telenovela was our 8pm gathering in front of the TV, and if you opened up the green cracker tin, you’d find sewing supplies. Sometime during high school, I fell in love with music. I didn’t have a big budget to buy records or go to concerts, so I would win tickets on the radio. It was so exciting when the DJ would play my call! Radio became my passion, and doors started opening.

Thank you for allowing me to start the morning with you on Easy 93.1. There is nothing I would rather do. As I always tell my two daughters, I believe you have a choice each and every day. Let’s choose to feel blessed, grateful, excited, thankful, and happy. Oh! and being the good friend I already consider you to be, reach out to me once in a while and say, “Buenos Dias”. I would love to hear your voice too!

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