#HERStory: My Aunts

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

From left to right: [Auntie Bev, Jan, Joann, Taffy and Carolyn]

Just as the sun rises and sets, I constantly and consistently honor the women that help make me the man I am today, My Mother‘s Sister.

Here are some known facts about each of them, from the oldest to the youngest

Auntie Carolyn

Better known as TT. The oldest of the clan, the most outspoken and loves bargaining shopping at The Swap Shop. She’ll be 65 years old this January and still loving, living and enjoying the good life.

Auntie Beverly

Better known as Auntie Bep'! The Baker. I haven't met a soul that can bake a cake like my Auntie. She says it like she means it and is a pure character. I literally laugh the entire time I'm with her.

Auntie Janice

Better known as Auntie Jan.

Auntie Joann

Better known as Auntie Boo.

Auntie Taffy

Better known as Taffy.

All of these women are infused with a special power of strength, love, and light. Thank you Aunts for the continued support. I promise to make you all proud

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