James, Ken or Brad? Who is the greatest ‘Jeopardy’ player of all time? Tournament strives to find ou

Three men who broke records on the answer and question game show “Jeopardy” are trying to find out who is the greatest player of the game of all time.

The first rounds of the gameshow’s “Greatest of All Time” tournament Tuesday night had the biggest names in the game finally face off against each other -- James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

It was the first time the show aired in prime time since 1990, USA Today reported.

The shows will run each night, except Mondays, until one of the three contestants wins three nights.

Not only is the show airing outside its normal time slot, but the players also aren’t trying to rack up the biggest jackpots, instead they’re playing for points.

But when either Holzhauer, Jennings or Rutter is named the GOAT, he will take home $1 million. The other two players will get $250,000 each, The New York Times reported.

Tuesday’s first game had Jennings proving he still has what it takes to win totaling up 45,000 points, with Holzhauer in second place with 32,000 and Rutter in third with 11,400, USA Today reported.

For the second game of the night, the champions were closer, with Holzhauer leading the pack with 15,000, Jennings in second with 12,200 and Rutter again in third with 10,000 going into Final Jeopardy round.

Holzhauer bet it all, answered the final question correctly, and doubled his points t0 30,000, Jennings also answering correctly bet 6,200 ending the round with 18,400, but Rutter, who got the answer wrong lost all his points.

When the two rounds were added up, only 200 points, or the amount of the lowest valued question, separated Jennings 63,400 from Holzhauer’s 63,200. Rutter finished the two-episode round with 10,400.

The next two-game match will air Wednesday, with the third airing Thursday on ABC stations. The game could come to an end Thursday night if Jennings wins the next two nights. If he doesn’t, and if no other players get three wins, then a winner-take-all match will air Jan. 16, USA Today reported.

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