KTLA News Anchor Cause Of Death Revealed. [Shocking Details]

The cause of death for KTLA news anchor Chris Burrous has been revealed.

According to The Blast, he became unresponsive while hooking up with a man he met on Grindr.

The LA County Medical Examiner listed Burrous' official cause of death as accidental methamphetamine toxicity.

Burrous, who leaves behind his wife and young daughter, reportedly left work early on December 28, claiming that he was ill, but he left and met a man at a hotel.

The two men reportedly engaged in various sexual acts and at one point Burrous inserted a rock of meth in his anus, telling his partner that it was supposed to make him "high and loose." Burrous also gave his partner a syringe full of GHB and a bottle of Gatorade, according to reports.

After inserting a second rock of meth in his anus, Burrous and the man engaged in anal fisting while Burrous was wearing a S&M mask. At one point, Burrous' partner noticed the news anchor had vomited in his mask and was unresponsive.

The man called 911 and began performing CPR on Burrous until responders arrived.

He was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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