Michelle Obama Opens Up About Low-Grade Depression And How The Former First Family Quarantines

Our Forever First Lady uses every opportunity she has to remind us, she's human and goes through life just like us. 

Michelle Obama recently revealed she’s been battling “low-grade depression.” She attributes her condition to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, racism in the America, and what she expresses as the “hypocrisy” of President Donald Trump’s administration.

During the second episode of her new Spotify podcast, the mother of two daughters detailed a few of the changes the former first family made due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I know that I am dealing with some form of low-grade depression,” Obama uttered . “Not just because of the quarantine, but because of the racial strife, and just seeing this administration, watching the hypocrisy of it, day in and day out, is dispiriting.”

Mrs. Obama says she’s been worried and carrying what feels like a heaviness, which has caused her to constantly wake up in the middle of night resulting in a lack of sleep.

The former first lady went on to say, “I’ve gone through those emotional highs and lows that I think everybody feels, where you just don’t feel yourself, and sometimes … there has been a week or so where I had to surrender to that, and not be so hard on myself,”.

Obama also expressed the exhaustion following daily news reports of Black people being “dehumanized” as many are continue to protest throughout the country against systematic oppression and police brutality. 

“I have to say, that waking up to the news, waking up to how this administration has or has not responded, waking up to, yet another, story of a Black man or a Black person somehow being dehumanized, or hurt or killed, or, falsely accused of something, it is exhausting. And, and it, it has led to a weight, that I haven’t felt in my life, in, in a while,” she said.

“Barack’s in his office, making calls, working on his book. I’m in my room, the girls are on their computers,” she said. “But right around five o’clock, everybody comes out of their nooks, and, we like, do an activity, like, puzzles have become big, just just sitting and doing these thousand piece puzzles.”

At the end of their long day, The Obama’s usually gather round for a game of “Spades’”. Former President Obama takes full responsibility in teaching his girls how to master to infamous card game.

“So Barack has taught the girls spades, so now there’s this vicious competition,” Mrs. Obama noted.

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