Mother of 11 cannot find work, close to eviction

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A mother of 11 who was laid off before Christmas is unable to find work and is facing eviction.

“If I had family to go to -- like immediate family -- I’d go and ask them, but I don’t have any immediate family,” said Jessica Sumlin. “It’s just me and my kids.”

The Mid-South mother said she is about to be evicted because she can’t find work.

It’s a harsh reality many people in Memphis are experiencing in recent months as several companies have announced layoffs that are carrying over into the new year.

Sumlin’s was laid just off days before Christmas, a story that is similar to hundreds of families across the Mid-South.

She’s a single mother applying for jobs while the bills pile up and available jobs fill up.

“I’ve been filling out job applications, going places and everything is just piling up,” she said.

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