New Reports Say Jussie Smollett Did Not Pay Brothers $3,500 For Alleged Attack

This has to be update 10,439 in the Smollett case.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Jussie Smollett had paid his alleged attackers, The Osundairo Brothers $3,500 to fake an attack on him in Chicago, however reports now say that was not the case.

Sources say that the $3,500 check that Jussie wrote to the brothers was for 5 weeks of personal training services and meal plans. According to one source, Jussie was trying to get fit for a new video. The memo line on the check reportedly reads, "5 weeks training nutrition plan." Ola and Abel allegedly told the Grand Jury they were paid for the 5-week program and not for the attack, but unfortunately, that’s not the way the story was delivered to the public.

I’m sure there will be another plot twist. Let’s just wait for it.

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