Nicki Minaj says she was being sarcastic about 'epic' song with Adele

Nicki Minaj is clearing up headlines she made after saying she recorded a song and shot a music video with Grammy-winning singer Adele.

While in Los Angeles for the launch of her Fendi Prints On collection with the luxury fashion company, Minaj was asked by Entertainment Tonight if she would collaborate with Adele and if something was in the works.

"Yes and yes, yes and yes, woo hoo!" Minaj said."But Adele made me swear to secrecy that I'm not allowed to tell anyone that I'm working with her, and we already shot a video and it's an epic song."

Minaj cleared things up when a fan mentioned she could be joking on Twitter.

"Even if you were joking now you have to do the collab," the fan wrote, tagging the rapper. "Everyone is excited."

"I thought everyone could clearly see I was being sarcastic," she said in a tweet. "(Expletive). Now I have to go to Adele’s studio & steal some files. Who’s in the UK? I got a job for you."

In the interview with ET, Minaj discussed her Fendi collaboration, which includes earrings, bags, dresses, shoes, and jackets. 

"I am so grateful to everyone at Fendi. My work and relationship with them as been ideal since the day I went out there to meet with them," Minaj said. "I'm honored, of course. It's Fendi! It's a big freaking deal! And I had no idea by saying 'Fendi,' my song that it would turn into a line, and thank God it did."

The collection is out worldwide Oct. 16.

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