Nurse arrested and charged with sexual battery of 9-year-old

A male nurse has been arrested for the sexual battery of a 9-year-old girl and false imprisonment of a child Monday in Doral.

Jermaine Bernard Cheattham, the nurse, was employed by the mother to take care of the victim’s 3-year-old sister, a special needs child who required around-the-clock care.

According to the arrest report, Cheattham entered the living room to find the victim asleep on the couch while watching a movie, removed her pants and assaulted her from behind while covering her mouth.

The victim’s brother, 11, heard a loud thump and walked into the living room to see Cheattham standing behind his sister fully exposed. He yelled, “What are you doing to my sister!?” said police.

Cheattham then reportedly grabbed the witness, took him to the bedroom of the youngest child, who was sleeping, and begged him not to tell anyone, convincing him that he didn’t do anything to the victim.

The witness tried to leave the room to alert his mother of Cheattham’s assault on his sister, but Cheattham blocked him and refused to let him leave, said police.

In bond court, the judge ordered Cheattham to stay away from all minors, even his own children, as he was deemed a danger to society.

He is being held without bond.

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