Police Crash Lil Kim’s New York Performance

Cops reportedly put a damper on a party at a Soho store as Lil Kim took the stage.

The rap legend was set to perform at a party for the opening of the Moose Knuckles Soho boutique Wednesday night, but New York’s Finest crashed the bash.

“It was a mess! The NYPD were called and cited all these violations,” said a spy.

We’re told the officers stopped partygoers from entering, leaving the place near-empty. “It was a room of like 40 people … Lil’ Kim didn’t perform in front of a packed house because no one could get in — even model Jourdan Dunn and actor Luka Sabbat were waiting outside.”

Another source added, “They paid for celebrities and influencers to show up, and they were not let in.”

Republic Records artist Pop Smoke was also supposed to perform but was unable to get in.

An insider later explained, “The [organizers] had all the permits, and all the artists arrived on time, but for some reason, NYPD shut down the door and didn’t allow Pop Smoke into the venue. NYPD claimed the venue was over capacity, but it wasn’t.”

Meanwhile, Kim was spotted earlier in the day arriving at JFK with full security. “She had like three or four security people and was in a head-to-toe pink sweatsuit. She [was carrying] huge Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags like she just got off Rodeo Drive,” a spy told us.

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