Prayers Up For Tom Joyner. Retired Radio Legend Suffered A Mini-Stroke In May

Retired radio personality Tom Joyner is climbing back to good health after having a mini-stroke in last month, according to

Rumors of the radio legend falling ill swirled after info was released on social media on Saturday, June 13. It was reported that Tom suffered a stroke more than 6 weeks ago while quarantine boxing with his trainer at home.

“I was like everybody, in quarantine, but instead of just sitting in the house, being bored and stuff, I worked on my health because I figured what are the chances of me catching the virus and then after that, how can I enhance my chances of me beating the virus if I do catch it.”

Tom said his efforts in the ring are what triggered the stroke. Now, he is at home resting as he plans on getting in the ring again.

You have to love this man's sense of humor. Tom says he wants to fight MIke Tyson. Hilarious, right??

Tom will continue getting much needed rest as he enjoys his retirement in South Florida. Get well soon, Fly Jock!

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