R&B Singer Jaheim Is Now Driving For Uber

An Instagram user named Gordon Davis reached out to Flyheight.com to say he got the surprise of his life when he used an Uber rideshare app over the weekend.

When his Uber driver pulled up in front of his hotel in Atlanta, Davis was surprised to see R&B singer Jaheim being the wheel.

Davis claims that Jaheim told him he was in town for a few days visiting a relative and ran out of money so he decided to drive Uber in order to score enough cash to make it home. Apparently, Jaheim drives Uber regularly and is proud of it. He hopes to get back in the studio to record again but as of now he’s “ubering” as a means for survival.

Jaheim confirmed his new gig and he also is giving all his fans one free Uber ride. Use Jaheim’s Uber code and get a free ride on him! The promo code is


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