Remembering Aretha Franklin

Friday marks the one-year anniversary of Aretha's Franklin death after her battle with pancreatic cancer. 

"The Queen of Soul," who is one the most distinguished female artists in American history, has been honored in various ways since her death that included a tribute concert televised on CBS, accolades at the 2019 Grammy Awards and a Pulitzer Prize for her contributions to music and culture. Also, the long-awaited movie "Amazing Grace," which captured a two-day gospel session in Los Angeles in 1972, was released earlier this year. Another Franklin movie, titled "Respect," is set to be released in 2020 with Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson aboard to play the iconic singer.

Outside of the honors, the fate of Franklin's substantial estate is now under court supervision after three handwritten wills ostensibly penned by Franklin, were found in her home after her death.

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