SHOCKING DETAILS: Pastor Creflo Dollar ALLEGEDLY Likes His Cakes Smashed. Do You Think He's Gay?

Updated: Jan 26

Jesus be a fence!

Out of NOWHERE... the internet began to buzz, asking... Is Pastor Creflo Dollar GAY? According to Youtube blogger, TashaK... He IS....

As of now, there are NO supporting facts to actually prove the Pastor is indeed a lil sweet.

Rumors began to swirl last year around Labor Day Weekend of an alleged affair with a said Minister of Music by the name of Ramon. If I understand correctly, $50k was involved somewhere within this reported scandal.

Dollar hasn't addressed the issue yet, but Creflo Dollar Ministries allegedly sent a cease and desist letter to the blogger, threatening legal action if she didn't remove the story from her channel.

A mess.....

The married pastor and father of 5 is accused of meeting up with Ramon at a Columbus,GA hotel, sharing more than 4 hours of intimacy with him. At one point, Ramon phoned a friend and allegedly didn't hang up. Pastor was reportedly overheard asking Ramon to PIPE HIM DOWN! Yes.... They say Pastor is a full breed BOTTOM that likes to TAKE IT. No comment.... NOT ONE! The details from my sources are JUICYYYYYYYY, but not confirmed so I rather not share it all here.

I ain't got time to be in nobody courtroom over nonsense or what they Pastor do with his bum-bum.

If what they are saying is TRUE and supporting facts are available, somebody needs to pour bleach on him and his clothes, cause girl... from what I hear... JUST NASTY!

Do I think he's gay???? Ehhhhhhhhhhh.... Never got those vibes from him honestly, but it's 2021


I'm going into prayer. BLESS UP!

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