The Game Gives Money to Kids Selling Candy to Avoid Police Drama

The Game helped out a group of kids on Sunday night (January 19th) who was selling candy and was about to get reprimanded by cops. According to TMZ, the rapper was leaving Beauty & Essex restaurant when he noticed cops talking to a group of kids who were selling candy outside. 

Another business in the area called the cops and reported the kids. Game didn't want to see the kids get into trouble, so he paid for all of the candy they were selling and let them keep the candy.

He said, ["We got kids out here selling candy. We got the boys in blue out here doing their job. And we got me giving jewels to the youth. If you're gonna sell candy at night, there's a way to do. Because we don't want you to get hit by the boys in blue. We want you to go home with an empty basket of candy."]

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