Trey Songz Arrested After Fight With Stadium Police Officer

Tremaine Neverson better known as R&B singer Trey Songz has been arrested, according to

Mr. “Steal Your Girl” was reportedly attending a KC Chiefs’ game at Arrowhead Stadium where he found himself involved in a fight with a police officer.

Eye-witnesses say the police was completely over his head. One person one the scene said the cop was simply “out of line”.

We've obtained video of the mayhem, which at first shows Trey and the officer in a struggle. TMZ claims, Trey punched the cop in the head while holding him in a headlock. According to the same report, the officer was able to pin Trey to one of those tight and uncomfortable stadium seats.

The altercation reportedly began when fans sitting a few rows behind Trey started to heckle him and he asked them to “chill out”.

The officer approached Trey, and without warning charging at him. An eye-witness told TMZ, Trey was “totally caught off guard” when the officer got physical, and started to defend himself.

On-lookers could be heard yelling throughout the video, demanding the officer to get off Trey. The crowd’s demand for the officer to be arrested became louder as his back-up arrived.

The unidentified officer and Trey were separated by fellow officers and of course, Trey Songz without question was placed in handcuffs.

The “Baggage Claim” actor was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest, which are both classified misdemeanors.

Police also threw a felony charge at Songz for assaulting a police officer. A charge that holds up to ten years in prison, if convicted.

Trey Songz is currently being held in jail for at least 24 hours. According to reports, he may be released sometime tomorrow.

If he would’ve just watched the game from home with his one year son, Noah none of this would’ve never happened.

Now, he’s being overly exposed to a virus that has caused a global pandemic.

Please, everybody just stay home and while we’re home, let’s keep Trey Songz lifted up in prayer.

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