Trina Will Only Step Down Off Her Throne To Battle These 90's Females Rappers and Groups

Baby! After 424,579 attempts to get Trick Daddy to join Trina's IG LIVE for a Verzuz Battle put on by their hometown radio station, Trina took one too many sips of 1942 and let loose.

The Diamond Princess went on a nearly 20 minute rant about her two decades in the music game and indirectly cleared the air on the whole Khia "IG challenge" mess.

Towards the end of her vile tirade Trina mentioned that if bloggers want to put her up against anyone, it should be Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliot, Da Brat, Eve, TLC or Salt N' Pepper. Trina says she grew up in the 90's era and will only get down with the names previously mentioned.

Y'all know the VIBES! I know I wasn't the only one waiting for Trina to 'light the blunt', well, they did, but NOT during the rant. Here it is if you missed it:

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