Twitter Users Say They’ve Identified The Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker In Disgusti

Twitter users were claiming they have identified the woman seen on a viral video licking the inside of a gallon container of Blue Bell ice cream before giddily putting it back in a supermarket freezer to potentially be bought by another shopper.

A person who operates the Instagram account that goes by the handle xx.asiaaa.xx was allegedly the woman who did the dirty deed after being urged on by the person filming her tampering with food, which is a felony in Texas, where the episode allegedly took place.

Prior to Twitter users claiming to know the person’s identity, a growing number of tweets were saying that the video was recorded in a grocery store in San Antonio. Coverage from, the online version of the San Antonio Express-News, and the Houston Chronicle reported that, as well.

The Texas-based ice cream company “says it is working with police after the video surfaced on Twitter over the weekend,” according to ABC News.

As of late Tuesday morning, all authorities apparently had to go on was a nine-second video clip that’s been shared millions of times on social media since the weekend, when it first surfaced. The video starts off with the unidentified Black woman smiling with her tongue hanging out of her mouth over an open container of Blue Bell ice cream before the person filming urges her to take a lick.

The woman happily complies before quickly covering back up the ice cream and returning it to its shelf in a grocery store freezer, all while smiling before chucking up deuces to the camera. Then the video ends, just like that.

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