‘Wendy’ To Air Nick Cannon Reruns

Wendy Williams is slated to make her big return.

The 54-year-old daytime TV talk show host has only been seen once since allegedly leaving her set 25 minutes in to her 48-minute show Thursday, December 20th. Wendy was spotted late January leaving a CVS store in Southern Florida.

If the “Say It Like You Mean It” ’straight-shooter’ sticks to her word, we’ll have a chance to witness her highly-anticipated return to TV.

The Wendy Williams Show will go into reruns this week. Episodes from February 4th, 5th and 6th where Nick Cannon stepped in for the ailing host will air.

There are no official details on what will air Thursday and Friday.

"The Wendy Williams Show" announced last week on their official Instagram account that Wendy will return Monday, March 4th

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